Personal Training + Nutrition Counseling

See what our clients are saying about NuFit Wellness! We are honored to have impacted so many lives and are excited to help even more in the future!

Excellence in Personal Training

“My wife and I have been training with Andy since 2004. With us both now in our 60s it is important to have a trainer that has the knowledge and skill set to provide challenging individualized workouts. Andy has always been professional and pleasant and has been a positive influence in our overall health.”

– Dan & Robin

Exactly what I needed!

“Laura gave me a solid plan for eating clean. I have several food allergies and I was finding it hard to find foods I could eat. She gave me meal by meal guidelines to help me feed myself and my family.”

– Stephanie

8 Years and Counting

“I’ve been working with Andy for about 8 years now, and his personality keeps me coming back even when I take a break from my fitness goals. I had my best results when I was working out with him 2-3 times per week, and he always has a fresh workout so things don’t seem too repetitive. I don’t especially like to work out, and he would tell you that I often get to talking as a delay tactic, but he’s just so easy to talk to. He is very flexible with scheduling me when I’m available, and switching things around when necessary. I don’t want to be barked at or intimidated in the gym, and Andy’s personality is gentle, but firm and consistent. I travel from Sunbury to Westerville to work out with him, because I think he is THAT GOOD. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer who will push you and support you in achieving your goals!”

– Stacey

Westerville’s Top Personal Trainer

“I would HIGHLY recommend Andy Berger as a personal trainer. He is not one of those pushy and “in your face” kind of trainers. He works hard in and out of the gym. I can personally say he is tough when he needs to be in ways that are best for you. While at the same time he holds you accountable to the healthy lifestyle he teaches. All in order to reach your goals. Just as much as he is devoted to helping others he and his family are devoted as to living a healthy lifestyle. In addition to reaching my goals Andy has helped me avoid taking Meds for blood pressure & cholesterol by learning and living a healthy lifestyle. He has also helped me recover from a major back surgery. I am sure Andy would be the trainer for you if given the chance.”

Top Westerville Dietitian Nutritionist

“I have worked with Laura Berger for a while and I would definitely recommend her if you are wanting someone that is passionate and devoted to helping others live a healthy lifestyle. She will provide you with support, accountability, guidance, and recipes/meal plans that all which are good for you as an individual and will help you reach your goals and improve your health. Laura is available to you through one on one appointments and makes herself available through text and email whenever necessary. The healthy lifestyle she preaches about is one that she models through cooking and raising her family up. If you want to meet with Laura and begin living the healthy life style I would highly recommend giving her a chance!”

– Kelly

Look No Further

Cindy Martin, weight loss, healthy lifestyle, transformation, testimonial“Andy is a true professional when it comes to fitness training. He has truly changed my life by challenging me, encouraging me, teaching me and caring about my health. If you are fortunate enough to work with Andy, you will be amazed at the results. I’ve been working with Andy for 2.5 years and have lost 34 pounds. I’m at my goal weight and am in great shape. I take responsibility for how I eat and workout, but I can’t imagine doing it without Andy.”

– Cindy

Stubborn Menopause Weight Be Gone!

“Finding Laura was a godsend! Every morning I had cried while trying to find something to wear because I could not lose menopause-related weight gain. I met with her (along with my supportive husband, who is the main cook in our home) and she offered advice on my eating that has the pounds falling off. I have already referred many other friends to her and I hope they take my advice.”

– Kim F

Amazing Trainer

“Andy is an amazing trainer. He is very patient and encouraging. He is very good at explaining and demonstrating the correct form for each exercise and the what the benefit for each is. He is very knowledgeable about living a healthy lifestyle in order to reach your goals. He is a good listener and asks lots of questions in order to plan the best work out for you. I would highly recommend checking him out at NuFit Wellness.”

– Katie

Weight loss 15 pounds and counting.

“Laura provides easy to follow plans with attainable goals that help me achieve long term changes. The attainable goals also add to sense of accomplishment and provide added motivation to improve diet and lifestyle.”

– Phil

My Weekly Inspiration!

“Andy is a motivating trainer who works with you without judgment to achieve your fitness goals.”

What I was Looking For

“Had my first appointment with her. Very thorough. Listened to my goals and where I am today and helped set up a good plan to take steps toward the goal. Just what I wanted. Thank you.”

– Michele

Focused on Overall Health

“Andy is focused on your overall health, not just the physical aspects of exercise. While he is careful to help you implement correct form while exercising, he is also equally careful to help direct you to take those small steps and changes in your lifestyle that have a biggest positive impact on your overall health.”

Great Personal Trainer

“Great trainer and will not disappoint. Works with you to set and accomplish your personal goals.”

Looked & Felt Healthy

“Andy helped me look my best for my wedding day. I was in the best shape ever after his training. He challenged me & pushed me to do things I didn’t think I was capable of. He was always kind & took the time to listen if something was hurting or diet struggles. Great trainer & I would recommend to any family or friend.”

Excellent Personal Trainer!!

“Andy is an excellent trainer!! I’ve trained with him for almost two years and my plan is to do so for many more to come. His conscientiousness and expertise make working out a great experience!!!”

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