Personal Training + Nutrition Counseling

Tired of those cheesy home workouts that never seem to satisfy your fitness cravings? Do you feel like your fitness videos don’t give modifications or progressions to exercises?

Brace yourself for an experience like none other! Our LIVE Online Group Training comes with a challenging workout intensity that will never leave you bored or wanting more. You will never get tired of our large variety of exercises that focuses on Cardio, Strength, Core and Endurance. Plus, you get to do it from the comfort of your own home!

What fitness levels can participate?

We recommend having a fitness foundation before starting group training to help with form, posture, and any customized needs you may have. If you don’t already have a fitness foundation, this can be developed through virtual OR in-person individual personal training.

After acquiring the fundamentals, we encourage you to join the group training! Andy Berger thoroughly explains and demonstrates exercises while offering exercise modifications and progressions to match all fitness levels. Our online group training classes use a variety of workout styles and equipment such as Tabata, HIIT, circuit training, bodyweight training, core circuits and strength circuits.

How do I attend?

For increased accountability and motivation, our classes are offered LIVE on Zoom. If you’re unable to make a specific time, we also send our the recording that you can do at a time that is convenient to you!

What Equipment do I need?

Minimal Equipment is needed to complete the workouts:

  • Light, Medium, and Heavy set of Dumbbells
  • Resistance Band
  • Gliding Disks
  • Therapy Band Loops
  • Other Optional Equipment can add to your experience but is not necessary!

To try a Virtual Group Training Class complimentary, contact us to get connected! We know you’ll love it once you try it!