Birthed out of necessity during our pandemic, we have come to see the many benefits and advantages of Virtual Personal Training. Virtual Personal Training is the same great customized product as in-person training but from the comfort of your own home. Being virtual allows flexibility in scheduling times and location. Connecting is so simple that you can even take your virtual personal trainer on vacation with you!

What are the benefits of Virtual Training?

  • Flexibility to meet ANYWHERE – Vacation, snow day, home gym, park, etc.
  • Convenience to meet ANYTIME – Lunch hour, before work, after work, in-between meetings
  • No Drive time – If schedule is tight, you can get back to your life right after your session. And no fighting traffic!!
  • No need to pack up the children

How much Equipment do I need?

Elaborate home gyms are NOT necessary for Virtual Personal Training. Typically a few pieces of equipment works just fine.

Essential Equipment: Pair of Dumbbells (Optional: Light, Medium, Heavy DB’s)

Optional Equipment (but definitely not necessary):

  • Resistance Bands w/ Handles (Various Resistances) and Door Anchor
  • Circle Bands (Used at Ankles or Knees)
  • Gliding Disks
  • Stability Ball or Exercise Ball
  • Bosu Ball
  • Medicine Balls
  • Step w/ Risers
  • Bench
  • Foam Roller

How do we meet virtually?

We can use Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype, all of which are free for the customer.

Virtual training can be done on a Tablet, Laptop, or Phone. We can talk through the set up of downloading necessary apps, hooking up devices, etc. to make the process smooth and successful.

How do I get started?

Contact us to set up your initial consultation virtually. We can also talk through the logistics of your technology set up to get the most out of virtual training.